“Painting is a privilege to me. The process enables me to be among the places and objects that bring wonder, joy, and serenity to my life.  The interplay of light and shadow and the rich use of colors are my strongest focus in my work.  This visual play between these elements brings life and movement to my subject.

Whether working in my studio or painting plein air I have the opportunity to be continually enriched by the stunning beauty of the coastal area.  The working dory has been a focus in many of my painting this year.  To me they appear as portraits with their worn weathered faces – some casting tales on the Monhegan shoreline – others gaily floating independent in a protected cove – and those nudged up to a protecting dock at rest.

I hope to strike an emotional response in my viewer and have them feel a part of my painting.  Collectors of my work have asked which is my favorite painting.  I feel it is the current piece that I am working on.  Upon finishing I look forward to it giving someone else the joy it has given me in painting it.”

Marianne has lived in Camden and Rockport since 1970. She has had a successful career starting and managing several local businesses, raising a family of three sons, leading an active role in community affairs and still finding time to express her artistic talents. In addition to her oil painting, she has worked in clothing design, architectural and interior design, sign carving, stained glass creations, water colors, and commercial graphic arts.

Marianne Smith’s work is in many private collections throughout the United States and Canada.  Including collectors in Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Kansas, New York, Virginia, Washington DC, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio,  and Canada.

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